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Target Audience Solutions, is an advanced way to reach a customized audience giving pinpoint accuracy. Your message will reach people who are interested in your products and have the intention to buy. Our platform uses over 700 touch points to find your next customer.

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Paid Search

Paid search is recognized as a critical part of any purchasing decision. It’s often leveraged while consumers research, compare, and ultimately purchase a product or service. SEM is one of the fastest converting forms of digital marketing.


Our YouTube campaigns ensure that your video content is used as widely and as effectively as possible. We enable you to optimize the return on your investment and take advantage of video’s impact and ability to communicate a range of marketing messages.


Video is one of the most impactful advertising formats. Our programmatic video options are as scalable as banner advertising and include all of our innovative targeting options for high-impact campaigns.

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The ultimate way to reach potential customers on our C&G channels. Creating the right mix and knowing what will work for your brand is

the secret.


Location-based marketing is an  opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers specific to areas they visit including your competitors.  We will customize audiences through custom targeting shapes with pinpoint geographic precision.

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With over 2.7 billion active users on Facebook and 500 million on Instagram, these ad platforms are a must for anyone looking to increase brand awareness and reach their target audience. 

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Streaming TV

‘Cord-cutting’ TV viewers can’t be reached via traditional TV commercials – but you can reach them, and other consumers who stream content via their personal devices, using Streaming TV.

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Reach consumers in a content friendly manner, providing users with a deeper level of information in a long form content format. Reaching out to consumers in a more accessible, friendly way enables you to give them more detailed information.

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Local SEO

Organic traffic driven by search engine optimization (SEO) is the largest source of website visitors to many websites. We take a comprehensive and dynamic approach to increasing organic visibility, traffic and conversions with powerful SEO strategies.

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Our programmatic Email Marketing delivers pinpoint-accurate direct marketing by targeting consumers based on a huge range of characteristics, including shopping preferences, interests, demographics, psychographics, purchasing history, location, and interests.

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Organic Search

Local and organic search represent more than 70% of clicks on any search engine results page. But after page one, that figure drops to just 6-7% of overall clicks. For relevance and traction in today’s digital marketplace, you simply have to be on page one of search engines.

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